четверг, 17 декабря 2020 г.


The term "kobudo" in translation from Japanese means - "ancient military way." The original name is "kobujutsu" - "ancient martial arts (skills)". Under this term, the arts of possession of various types of eastern types of cold weapons are represented today. 

Currently, there is a division of kobudo into two autonomous independent directions:
  • Nihon-kobudo is a direction that combines systems common on the main islands of Japan and uses in its arsenal cold weapons of samurai origin and weapons from the ninjutsu arsenal.
  • Kobudo (other names Ryukyu-kobudo and Okinawa-kobudo) is a direction that unites systems originating from the islands of the Ryukyu archipelago (modern Okinawa prefecture, Japan), using in the arsenal of tools (objects) of the peasant and fishing use of the inhabitants of these islands.

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